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Fuzz Digital were honoured with the task of presenting this years Cossack Art Awards in a full high resolution 360º / 3D virtual gallery for anyone outside of the Pilbara or Western Australia to view in full. With COVID-19 restrictions prohibiting travel into WA, the virtual gallery was an integral marketing tool to allow users outside of the region to view artworks.

The project consisted of almost 100 individual photospheres at roughly 90Megapixels each. This means almost 2500 individual still images were blended and stitched together to create the 360 tour! View the interactive experience below.


As well as the detailed 360º virtual tour, Fuzz Digital were also commissioned to capture and photograph each artist's work in high resolution with faithful colour reproduction. Each piece was lit and photographed professionally to avoid any unwanted reflections, shadows or unnecessary colour temperature mix. Each piece of artwork was also filed and referenced on site to match the unique artist ID number for judging and cataloguing purposes.

Click the images below to view the full online gallery booklet.

Cossack Art Awards, professional photogr
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