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If you are in need of professional aerial video footage or aerial photography, please reach out and let us know your requirements. Examples of aerial still photography and video acquisition below. High quality prints available for purchase, see the Fuzz Digital "shop" section at the top of the page.

The harsh rugged landscape of the Pilbara provides for some incredibly unique aerial visuals, something that can only be seen and captured from the sky. We specialise in cinematic aerial video, solar, architectural, 360º, landscape and other forms of detailed high-quality imagery. 20MP HDR stills are provided to you upon completion of commission.

For your peace of mind - Fuzz Digital are insured, hold an ARN and are accredited and registered drone/RPA operators with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority). 

To view a wider range of landscape fine art aerial photographys and prints, please view our print store.

Please note: Additional and alternative high quality, high resolution framed aerial landscapes of the Pilbara are available for purchase from our Printing Partner - Pilbara Prints. View the Gallery online.

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