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Immersive virtual tours often have the most obvious affect within the hospitality industry and the sub categories of Cafe's, restaurants, hotels and accomodation. This is because there is a real need and drive from customers to view the room or venue prior to booking. Google have conducted various research the shows a dramatic increase in bookings when a venue displays a virtual tour on the website or either through the "street view for businesses" option.

Virtual Tour of Perth Local Cafe

Click above for Empire6714 cafe' virtual tour: over 10K views in the first 3 months of publishing.


Virtual tours for cafe's, restaurants and venues are perfect for clients that are planning a special dinner, or wanting to plan a function and simply want to see the interior of a space, its vibe and relation to other aspects. This is particularly permanent for those customers who might be out of town and wanting to book you as a venue - who do you think will win the client over? A venue that is trying to describe the look and feel of their place over the phone or a venue that can refer to their virtual tour allowing the client to walkthrough almost every area of their establishment? 

For those considering a virtual tour for their cafe, venue, bar, restaurant - view the example below that we recently produced for Pilbara based cafe Empire6714. This was also published as a Google street view tour and despite being in a small town, racked up 2500 views within its first few days of being uploaded to maps and is quickly approaching 20K views - an indication that customers are utilising the 360º imagery via Google Maps.

High Resolution 360º Virtual Tour of Karratha Eyecare by Fuzz Digial

Virtual tours for retail, hotels and accomodation are equally powerful. This is the ideal scenario for a customer to see your interior or 360º view of where they will be heading before hitting the book button allowing a realistic representation of the room. Traditional wide angle, dated images of your hotel can only pass for so long and realistically don't stack up against the competition who are also readily adopting virtual tours in order to sell their rooms.


For those considering a virtual tour for their venue, office, building, cafe, bar, restaurant - view the example above that we recently produced for Pilbara based optometrist Karratha Eyecare.​ This tour was also published on Google maps as a street view "see inside" option allowing customers to walk from the exterior and navigate inside the shop on any mobile or desktop device.

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