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Hit play on the clips below to view a recent livestream of a multi-camera production put together and executed for the Cossack Art Awards GALA awards night by the Fuzz Digital live team.


The following was a 3 camera shoot, complete with pre-roll videos and overlayed graphics, lower thirds streamed live to Facebook using bonded streaming technology from the remote & historic town of Cossack. An additional live feed was also provided for large screens outdoors.

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 11.07.54 am.png



Female Vlogger
Multiview enable variety of sources used

Multiple Video Sources.

We bring in multiple cameras, your powerpoint or laptop presentation, graphics, text, wireless microphones and other audio sources, all mixed together to produce a single slick production.


Central Switcher.

We bring all the sources together into a single powerful video switcher producing a slick production that helps you look good by switching between the various relevant cameras and graphics.


Encode and Go live.

All your sources are combined, switched live and then encoded for live stream on your platform of choice. Don't forget it doesn't have to be "live" - we can pre-record if you prefer and play out "as live".


Even though the Pilbara is miles

from any major city, you can still reach your customers


shareholders or the public around the globe through the power and ease of live streaming! This is particularly pertinent in todays evolving climate as we need to be conscious of the current risks COVID-19 poses to our business and clientele. Utilising live web-streaming as a means to reduce large group numbers whilst keeping your customers and audience up to date has never been so relevant and useful as it is now.


Perhaps you are considering canceling your conference or event, or it has already been cancelled - live streaming can still provide attendees an option to view and contribute from the comfort and safety of their own home. You still get to communicate your message whilst also practising good duty of care and responsible social distancing!

Let Fuzz Digital take care of all the complicated work of combining multiple audio and visual sources into the one product. Whilst you enjoy the thrill of going live to youtube, facebook, twitch or your desired platform.

f you have a one-off event, performance or festival that requires streaming to a public CDN then lets talk. 

Some conferences and events may require a multi-cam set up with a central switcher to cut between angles and various sources as the event goes live. Yes - if you are giving a presentation with visual aids we can incorporate your laptop powerpoint as a full screen source within the stream.

Reach your audience remotely.

Live Streaming can help you broadcast your lecture, event, presentation, sermon, meeting or company updates.   


If you are nervous about appearing in front of the camera live, never fear - we can pre-record a program "as live" - essentially creating a delay, for you to review, approve and then upload or we can even feed this back into the encoder and go "as live". 

Of course if you choose this option, as there is a delay, you will not be able to respond to questions in real time on camera.

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