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Fuzz Digital, are calling Perth home for the summer months of 2019 - 2020. 

Virtual tours are an incredibly powerful marketing tool for your business. Whether you are showcasing the inside of your venue, the interior of your retail shop, dentist, veterinary practise, medical centre, hotel, motel or the rooms of your house for sale - a virtual tour will allow customers to view your offering in a completely unique and immersive way. 

Virtual tours not only provide you with a unique method of marketing and presenting a physical business, they also help boost your online presence and visibility when published under your Google MyBusiness profile, this happens through the promotion of your premises on Google Maps products - primarily Street View. Active customers searching in Google Maps products are able to view, say "restaurants nearby" and click on businesses that show 360 imagery inside.

View our Virtual Tour examples and pricing/options below.

Empire 6714

Cafe / Venue


Comprehensive virtual tour of Pilbara based cafe' - Empire6714. This tour consisted of over 20 individual high resolution 360 photospheres linked together and published within Googles Street View platform. The tour attracted 2K views in the first week.

Virtual Tour of Perth Local Cafe
Wandering North Boutique Children's Stor
Wandering North

Children's boutique gift store.

09_Wandering North Karratha.png

A great example of a tasteful retail space and how this comes across within a virtual tour. Although this is a smaller store, in a larger example potential customers are able to get a feel of the layout prior to visiting. Tour also published to Google Street View - important in a town where the last Street View images are from 2008!



• Up to 3x High Resolution 360º Photospheres.

• Published on Google Street View / Maps products.

• Individual Photospheres provided to you for 360 showcase on Facebook.

• Additional 360º images can be added to this package

at $69 Ex GST each.



• Up to 14x High Resolution 360º Photospheres.

• Images linked together to form immersive tour and published on Google Street View.

• Individual Photospheres provided to you for 360 showcase on Facebook.

• Suitable for medium sized businesses, eg - Cafe's, restaurants, small clinics.



• Comprehensive virtual tour consisting of over 15 images linked together.

• Suitable for larger premises, i.e. Hotels, accomodation, large retail spaces, performance venues or complex businesses.

• Option for third party hosting for an agreed amount of time. (This allows for external links, pop up info, highlights etc).

• Publishing to Google Street View.


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Pricing is GST Exclusive.

The Fuzz Digital Difference.

So what's different about our 360º images, If you're thinking to yourself "my friend has a GoPro that shoots 360 images,

why don't I just use his camera?" - You could do, but to obtain maximum quality, we use a specialist DSLR rig. 

This panorama rig allows us to take 8 individual high resolution images and stitch these together in software to produce an ultra high definition HDR 360º photosphere.

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